Relocating Your Offices Quickly And Efficiently

When an office space becomes too small and relocation is in order, the powers that be face a conundrum: should they close down for a day and make the moving-out and –in faster? Or should they drag it out over a few days by closing parts of the office down and leaving others running? Ultimately the decision hinges on which course will help you become established in your new premises quicker and more efficiently. Here are some tips to helping the process along:

Inform All Your Employees

That means ALL your employees, even the cleaners who vacuum the floor. In many companies, moving day/s is held up because employees are still clearing out their desks and the office movers can’t pack up the equipment and furniture properly like they are supposed to. Professional movers are hired to speed up the process – they have the technical know-how – so don’t slow them down by failing to inform all your employees about the move.

Assign Specific Tasks to Specific Individuals

This is part of informing your employees about move-out day. Removal companies Dubai are good at handling sensitive objects, but even they will balk at sensitive company documents, so make sure there are specific individuals (like team leaders or managers) in charge of collating and properly filing away important documents. Most companies are digitized nowadays so information is mostly a matter of shifting large servers, which professional office movers will do. However, it is always a good idea to ensure that someone or some individuals are in charge of ensuring that the intellectual capital of a company remains safe.

Coordinate With HR and Resource

The easiest way to coordinate a big move is to work closely with the Human Resource and general Resource departments of an office. Whether you are the big boss urging on the move, or the moving company trying to get a job done, these departments are used to handling employees and have the capability to get a job done. They may even be able to help you with indexes and item lists. They will also know the best way to motivate the office staff to help make the moving out faster.

Do It Methodically

For those companies that prefer to drag out moving so that business doesn’t suffer too much by closing shop for a couple of days, have a plan. Some companies go floor by floor, but if Customer Relations is in a middle floor, they will be disturbed by the floors on either side of them moving as well as their own move. Think about the kind of business you have, the time you can afford to lose without cutting it too fine and how each department is organized. Having the business in 2 different locations will have a big impact on it, so aim to move as fast as possible.