A Guide To Plan Your Dream Wedding

Are you the lucky one to tie the knot with the love of your life just in a couple of months? Sure, marrying the man of your dreams can be the most exciting thing ever, but what about all the planning that is needed to get the perfect ceremony of your dreams? Having the perfect wedding is the dream of any girl from their baby days. Planning a wedding ceremony can surely be overwhelming. Don’t worry; with proper planning you can, not let the stress get to you. This way, your wedding ceremony would be even better than expected. Sit back, relax and get started with the process.

Making the announcement is the first step. You should start spreading the big news months before your wedding. This way you can ensure that guests have enough time to keep the day free, totally committed to you. Keep in mind that the wedding is bout two people, which means ideas of both the bride and the groom should be taken into consideration. Sit down with your fiancé and talk ideas. It’s time for you to think of the style of your ceremony now. If you want it to be a beach bash, a sit-down dinner in ball room style or a ceremony on a mountain top. Once you’ve made a decision on the style do your research on the venues. Once the venue is decided, immediately do your booking, or else, there is a chance for you to lose the place. Once you have done the booking you need to meet with the stylist, dress maker, makeup artiste, florist Dubai and the photographer that you have chosen.

You would have a make a decision on the style of your wedding dress, as well as the dresses of the bride’s maids and flower girls. The measurement should be given as early as possible. You will need to attend many fit on sessions to make sure you get the dress of your dreams. Contact a flowers shop that does high quality floral arrangements for a reasonable price and decide on table decorations and other decorations.

Get recommendations from friends and do your research when deciding on the places to get everything done. Although people are aware of your wedding ceremony, you need to officially invite them. Get the cards printed from a place specialized for wedding card printing. Wedding cards should be sent six to eight weeks before the bid day. The caterers you choose should be flexible with the menu and the prices. Taste all the dishes and then make the decision on the menu. In addition to all the wedding planning you need to make sure to look perfect on your big day. So, exercise regularly and keep to a healthy diet and make sure to get enough sleep no matter how busy you get.